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Originally Posted by fakeworest View Post
Hi! I have been drawn for Segment B and I have only one public land hunt under my belt so I have a few questions for the experts:

I have only hunted hogs previously with semi-auto rifles and have only hunted birds with a shotgun. Would you recommend OO vs Slug? I'm not sure I'll feel comfortable enough with a bow yet.

My prior hog hunts have been eradication hunts on friends' large ranches where we sometimes just leave them where they lay. Is there a requirement to extract/dispose a harvested animal on a NWR?

Put in the miles through the thick stuff and you'll find them. If you have issues finding non-toxic shot, let me know. I'm in McKinney and stocked up for the last hunt. Would be happy to sell you a few boxes for what I paid for it if you're having trouble finding ammo.
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