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Originally Posted by mjhaverkamp View Post
He has two years left before he can be franchised, he missed 6 games because Goodell is an idiot, did you notice nothing has happened to Kraft or Tyreek Hill ? Something is way wrong there. All you have to do is listen to the football players and the coaches to find out if the runner matters, all of us arm chair GM's and the sports talk show host just think we know how to build or manage a football team. I will agree that if Dallas had a top 10 talent at QB they could get by with a lesser back, problem is Dak is maybe at the end of the top 15 or so, and he could make a big jump this year, I hope he does.
I concur with the above. I would offer both Dak and Zeke heavily incentivized contracts with big money to be made if they perform to specified levels. I don't think either one of them should get huge guaranteed money.

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