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Originally Posted by Tomkat70 View Post
Good luck. Still following
Good deal !!! I will try to keep you all updated.

Originally Posted by Texas Grown View Post
I'ma still lurking here.
I appreciate you following along.

Where a hunt like Hagerman is a 3 day sprint. This is a season long marathon. Today was my 20th sit since October 19th. Deer hunting is basically what I am going to be doing for the next two months.

Archery season is Oct 1 – Dec 6, 2019 archery then opens back up Dec. 23 - Jan. 10, 2020
Early Muzzleloader, Oct 12 - 20
Late Muzzleloader, Dec 23 - Jan 10, 2020
First Shotgun, Dec 7 - 11
Second Shotgun, Dec 14 - 22
January Antlerless, Jan 11 - 26, 2020

My time in the stand has revealed we are down on deer numbers from 2017 when I drew a tag as a non-resident and last year when I did not hunt (had not established residency), but observed all fall and winter. Our area was hit hard by EHD this past August and September. We lost at least two good bucks and a lot of does.

With that being said we have some outstanding bucks that are still here and the rut is just now kicking in. I saw a shooter yesterday morning at about 300 yards and I saw the same shooter this morning also at about 300 yards. I am sitting a stand in the morning that is pretty much between my two sightings.

So far I have had 5 bucks within 23 yards. One shooter that I could not get a shot at and four young 8s that basically came right under my tree and never knew I was there.

Here is some info on the deadly EHD outbreak in our area that killed a lot of deer this summer.

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