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Originally Posted by MisterB View Post
Wanna hear something that made me sick? Someone broke into my pickup a while back and stole my Baby Eagle. It was one of the original Jerico models. 9mm. Beautiful. Thing was they didn't bust out a window or nothing and truck was locked. Police said whover did it used one of those flat tools used to open car doors. Truck was dirty and you could see where they used the tool. Left prints that the police ran but nothing came up. Officer said there was gang stealing guns. In order to become a member they had to steel a pistol and turn it into the gang leader. Gun is probably in Chicago by now. Yes, I know. Should have known better than leave it in the truck. Normally I don't but I got home late from the deer lease that night and was pooped and forgot. Live and learn. Got a nice 10 that weekend though with my bow.
Man, the sad part really is, your insurance probably didn't cover it. I'm sorry that happened.
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