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Originally Posted by Twist View Post
Awesome scores!

I want to find a good hardback copy of the first one, that doesnít cost more than a truck payment lmao. Also been wanting a copy of the 2nd book for a while and this post reminded me that I need it so just put one on order.

Looking forward to it and glad you posted DD. Iíve been so busy over the past several years (yes, years) I had forgotten about them.

I scored the first book off eBay for $110. Yeah, itís pricey. But itís in really good shape. Has some spots where the binding is coming apart between pages. But I wasnít gonna pay 200-300 bucks for it. Thatís serious cash. Tell ya what though, when I took it out of the box and took the bubble wrap off, I got taken back into time to when I was a kid in a library. I havenít encountered that smell of old books in a very long time.

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