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Originally Posted by Arrowsmith View Post
I think alternative treatments work in some cases. Success or failure depends on a lot of factors. Type of cancer, advancement of the cancer before treatment starts, overall health and age of the patient, etc.

I have prostate cancer. I have been on "active surveillance" for 15 months. This has included two prostate specific MRIs, two biopsies, and PSA tests every 90 days.

Since I was not having any invasive treatments (surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy) I decided to start an alternative treatment last August. Thanks to Burnadell (Randy) I learned about the Joe Tippens protocol here on TBH.

This protocol consists of:
Fenbendazole: 222 mg per day 3 days a week
Curcumin: 600 mg (2 pills per day) of bio-available curcumin seven days a week.
CBD oil: 25 mg sublingually (under the tongue) seven days a week.
Vitamin E: 400-800mg per day, seven days a week.

I have not informed my doctors (urologist/oncologist) about my alternative treatment. It is not interfering with any thing they are doing since they are basically watching the progression or non progression with testing. Also, its my body and my choice.

I had my last MRI in late February. Mysteriously one of the the two original lesions was gone and the remaining lesion was smaller in size. My last biopsy in March indicated a lower Gleason score in the remaining lesion. My PSA has dropped from 5 to 3.2. At the follow up visit after my biopsy my doctors decided to limit the PSA tests to every 6 months and the biopsy to every two years unless my PSA starts to rise again.

I asked the doctor...."If I have cancer why is my PSA going down? Also. Why has a lesion disappeared on the MRI, and why is the Gleason score lower on the remaining lesion"? I told him this is confusing to me. He said it was confusing to him also, but he told me to not let my guard down because I still have cancer. This is true, but I think the alternative treatment is working. Research has shown that Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways. Basically it blocks the sugar receptors in the cancer cell which starves and kills the cell.

If you didnt know Fenbendazole is a parasitic drug used by vets. It is dog wormer.

Congrats on your regression! Thatís great news sir!

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