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Originally Posted by spidermonkey View Post
Yes, you do have to have a license. And there are different kinds as well. My nephew has a PPL SEL (private pilots single engine land) and that gets him licensed up to a gross weight of 12,000 lbs, so it’s all he needs. You could fly this type plane with a “light sport”, but it would restrict your gross weight (1350 max) you’d be licensed to carry, as well as top speed/hp, you would be licensed for. The way he is building it, a light sport license wouldn’t be sufficient. There’s also the “ultralight” category you can fly without a license, but that’s limited to 254 lbs or less empty weight, and carry less than 5 gallons of fuel. Also limited to 63 mph top speed. Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
I've heard some chatter about the faa wanting to raise the max weight on lightsport to 3400lbs I think. This would get the cessna 182 in the lightsport class. I think it's going to the board (whatever that means) in 2022 or '23. You heard anything about that?

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