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Originally Posted by fakeworest View Post
Went stomping around out there yesterday for the first time. Entered around the Meadow Pond Trail and went about a mile into the jungle near but not on the creek. It was thick and everything was dead. I'm have no idea how one should put on a stalk. I felt like I sounded like a commercial excavator moving every step in there. Not surprised I didn't see much but did scare a bunch of mallards in a small pond which I would have love to have seen on my duck hunt the day before.

I sneak/spot & stalk pigs with bow on public all the time. I donít kill nearly as many as Iíd like, but itís usually not too tough to get into archery range once you find them. The biggest thing is the wind. Keep it in your favor and you might be surprised what you can get away with.

If they are feeding they tend to make a bunch of noise and arenít anything like as spooky as a whitetail. If they are bedded you might have to be more sneaky, but archery range is doable. The thick stuff you find them in presents real problems with archery shots. While scouting for the deer hunt I got within 25 yards of multiple pig groups, and one sow was leading her brood right toward me before she took a different trail at around 3-4 yards.

Iím still holding out a bit of hope to find some non-toxic buck shot, but if bit my group will just tote out bows.

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