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Originally Posted by jnd1959 View Post
I've stopped using lead broadheads and have switched to steel. I'm worried about penetration though, especially at distances over 30 yards...

Looking forward to this hunt. If I were you I'd go through your vehicle and bags with a fine tooth comb. I've heard horror stories of people with a few corn kernels stuck in the pickup bed getting a ticket. I know I've got some squirrel loads in the camper.
I had a full bag of corn (unopened, from the weekend before leftover after feeders were filled) at the hagerman deer hunt. Shot a buck and brought the deer to check in and they did not care for that at all. No ticket or trouble, but I did get a side eye and a few questions. If it had been opened, I think an accusation may have been made. I hadn't given it a second thought because I often drive around with a bag or two of corn in the bed.

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