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Default Covert LORA System

Anybody using the Covert LORA system?

I have a bunch of the regular Covert Code Black systems but this one has caught my eye.

Looks like a base unit and 3 cameras for $800. Each camera has to be inside of 1100 yards from the base unit, which is the one that has to have a data plan and send the pics.

If you are always moving your cameras around, this may not be for you. But if you have static areas where you set your my case a protein feeder and a corn feeder 300 yards apart, then this might work okay.

By the time you rig everything with a solar panel, rechargeable batteries and TMates you are in for just over $1k, but that is still 30% less than buying the individual Covert Code Blacks. Plus I spend $45 per year (Jul-Mar) to run each camera on top of the big data plan ($50/quarter for the plan and 1 camera, $15/quarter per camera you add) and this would cut that down to only the big data plan and you would save $90/year.

Wondering if anyone has real life experience and can comment on pros/cons?
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