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Default Txrattler Update

Hello guys and gals. Sorry for not posting any resent updates. I didn't mean to have anyone worry, but I was just too sick and weak to get on the computer for any length of time. The plural effusion where they drained 3 + pints of fluid from the lining of my lungs seems to have worked pretty good. They say there is still some left but I can breath okay so until it fills back up they are leaving it alone. Yesterday was the first day in about 3 months that I felt pretty good. I can actually count on one hand the days that I wasn't vomitting over the past 3 months. They stopped the chemo and are waiting for a couple of weeks before starting a new version of the first chemo that they gave me. I took it really well so am hopeing that I will do the same with this new version. I have spent the last 3 months vomitting everything I put in my stomach, even water which comes out pretty easy...laffs, so my weight is down from 205# before the cancer operation to 125# right now which is probably why I am so weak. Now that they have stopped the chemo I hopefully will be able to put some weight back on and get some energy back.

The upside of all of this is that this month makes my 24 month of fighting this cancer. Statistically they say that only 5% survive 24 months or more who have cancer as bad as mine. Y'all's prayers must be working....thanks to all of you and to God for giving me so many oportunities since I came down with cancer. The best part is if you can make 24 months there is a real good chance that you will make 5 years so here's crossing my fingers that I'll get in a couple more hunting and fishing seasons.

I really wanted to attend Bownanza this year but with a depleted immune system and inability to walk more than a few feet withut having to stop for a rest I don't see that happening. Besides...I would much rather meet everyone when I don't look like the scarecrow from the Wizzard of Oz and have some of my weight back on....laffs! Wouldn't want anyone feeling sorry for me and handing me a sign to take home saying "I'll work for food!"! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and please remember I'll definitely be there in spirit. Keep the coals of the campfire glowing and hopefully next year I'll be in a position to meet and share that campfire with Ya'll!!!!!!!
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