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Originally Posted by imyomama View Post
ruger gp100! best 357 pistol ever made! had an anaconda 44 ... barrel was not even screwed on straight .. sold it ..
had a 6" python .. hated the sharp narrow trigger ... sold it as well..

bought the gp100 for $299 33 years ago ... did a trigger job ... still got it... never even thought of selling it ..

oh forgot , got a king cobra too at one point .. paid $299 for it too new.. didn't keep it long either ..

they are pretty to look at , and obviously a great investment .. but other than that .. my gp 100 beat both snakes hands down ..

made a video on it last week as a matter of fact ... then decided to take off the optic and camo tape .. guns looks like new still and sure is pretty ..

Ruger GP100 357 magnum - YouTube
Smith and Wesson owns the “best” title I think
686 is hard to beat
I love those Rugers though!
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