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Congrats! Way to stick with it!
Originally Posted by Sreppep View Post
Well after 10 sits and about 50 hours of seeing nothing I decided last night to scout for a new stand location after my morning sit. I went to a spot that I found way before season that I thought might make for a decent spot and I get set up in a tree around 3, well 4 comes around a I decided it wasnít comfortable enough so I get down and setup in the tree beside it. 5:30 it start pouring down for about 20 mins or so, 6:30ish comes around Iím swatting mosquitos, on my phone and when I turn back there is a spike about 10 yards broadside! I get my bow up... and my freaking phone falls out of my pocket into the ground, he bolts off about 5 yards and stops, I then drew back because I could tell he was going to come and held it for a min or so and he stepped back into my shooting lane quartering hard, I nailed him and he ran about 40-50 yards.

Last year spoiled me, I saw 15 or so deer the first day I hunted and saw deer every sit. This year has been COMPLETELY different.
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