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It's not that the HC can't produce huge bucks comparable to south Texas deer, but it's the fact that you have to artificially supply the supplements on a continuous basis to KEEP producing quality deer in the HC as compared to south Texas.
Stop feeding the supplements on those HC deer and the body size and antlers will also decline back to what the land can naturally produce.
Take the same size ranch in south Texas that is natural without any supplements, and a HC ranch the same size, the deer on the south Texas ranch will be bigger period.
Growing large deer in the HC, you better be in it for the long haul and have deep pockets.

Personal experience here:
I hunted a ranch where the deer were typical HC deer, and after a few years a supplemental feeding program was started and the deer would rival anything that south Texas could produce.
New management took over and they reverted back to natural land management, no supplemental feeding and cedar removal and the deer reverted back to typical hill country size deer of a little better than average size and antlers, but still nothing like a south Texas deer.
All this was observed personally over 17 years of hunting the ranch.
I'm now hunting south Texas low fence with no supplemental feeding and yes, the deer are bigger in body, and larger racks than a natural hill country deer.
Location, location, location!

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