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I’m not sure why I’m like a moth to a flame with this thread. So much bad information. Deer density is the #1 reason Hill Country deer have lower body weights and less quality antlers compared to other parts of the state. Deer density and overstocking by goats and sheep over the last 100 years is why most ranches are devoid of primary and secondary choice shrubs. This is why ranches who keep their deer numbers in check, haven’t overgrazed/browsed their forage, and only shoot mature bucks grow monster deer every year. Deer density is so bad, that a high fence to keep deer OUT is one of the best practices to grow large bucks in this region. It is why these ranches, with no improved genetics or DMP, can grow 170”+ deer regularly. Too many hunters, too many young bucks being shot, and too many animals fighting over the now limited resources have created a major problem. The good thing is now a lot of people are realizing this, and the Hill Country is growing some great bucks again.
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