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Originally Posted by Grant2 View Post
I have already said it age,food and water you have big deer no matter where you hunt hill country or south Texas. We have shot several deer over 200 pounds this year in the hill country because they are managed right. You will not see the amount of 200Ē deer in the hill country because most 90% never reach maturity.

You must be on a well managed ranch with great genetics.
Very seldom do I hear anything about a Hill Country deer being 200+ pounds and have seen or heard personally of a free range 170+ deer coming from the hill country..
Iím sure itís possible but like Iím saying which you can disagree.
If you are given 5,000 acres in the hill country.. and you are in control of food, water and management
And same for the 5,000 acres in South Texas..
Which place will hold more 170+ deer in 10 years...

My answer.. (South Texas, simply just because IMO I believe the deer have a more natural browse with high protein due to the soil down south, high protein browse + protein us hunters provide + age = Muy Grande)

As far as Hill Country, I believe you will have to rely on your bucks to really hit your protein feeders hard and keep feeding them it relentlessly.

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