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Default Dodge transmission question

2001 RAM 2500 5.9l gasser, 4WD. 200k miles, original transmission serviced 10k miles ago (fluid, filter) and it looked ok mechanic said.

This is the second time it threw a P1740 code. Last was about 6 months ago. Shifting is perfect, goes into and out of overdrive. If I press the OD off button, smooth shift down and rpm increases. Gas mileage the same 13.5 around town/ highway. Just drove it to Montana elk hunting with no problems.

After reading on Mopar web sites some guys said to ‘reset and forget’ if no obvious OD shift issues. Another said the factory trannys have screen that’s known to accumulate crud and start blocking fluid flow.

What does a TBH mechanic say? Service appointment at transmission shop (an honest guy)?


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