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I have the exact same problem at my sink in the master bathroom. The ac line meets just above the sink p-trap but the clog happens in the wall past the sink and backs up the sink. Typically, it will go down eventually, indicating it is slightly less the 100% clogged. So what I’ve done successfully a couple of times is after it’s gone down as far as it will go, I boil a big pot of water on the stove and then pour it into the drain until it just starts backing up into the sink. Then I wait and when it goes down a little I pour some more. It usually goes down faster and faster as the hot water melts whatever is clogging it. By the time the big pot of water is gone, I can usually just turn on the hot water at the sink and basically let the whole water heater full flow through the line and that gets it draining at full speed. It usually gets clogged when the sink hasn’t been used very much for hot water.

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