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No, not really. The design was based on airflow, and doing everything I could to keep it from smoking back out the door when we want to burn it with the door open, or around the door, or air shutter when the door is closed.

To that end, the ash drawer is as low as possible, then the air shutter above that so ash doesn’t get in it. Also so the air shutter is below the combustion area to fuel the fire from underneath and promote complete combustion (less coals/ash, more heat). The door opening is fairly large and easy to load wood into, maybe larger than it looks (I think 10 1/4”WX12” or so y’all). I havnt burned my hand or arm or anything...yet. The upper stiffener on the door is angled up and back, again to push smoke away from the door. If the combustion is happening below the door, then the smoke is going to be “rolling” at door level, which could make it puff out around the door. The actual fire/combustion area is as low as possible to leave the big open area for a smoke chamber above it so that the smoke can “roll” in it before exiting via the flue. Smoke always has to “roll” in any fire, before it goes up. Watch your campfire, brushfire, in your fireplace, etc. it has to roll before it will enter the flue, otherwise it will “back puff” toward the door. That’s also part of the reason I set the flue back some.

The general airflow from start to finish is supposed to go from bottom front, and work steadily toward top back, with room to roll above the fire.

I know that’s a lot more than anyone wanted to know, but that’s why the design is what it is. It smokes zero out the front, even with the door open, but I can’t tell you it’s all because of my design, or if it would work fine done differently. There are endless design options that could work fine.

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