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We’re just north of Dallas (954 miles). I’d be happy to show anyone around our shop or share what we’ve learned. If you’re looking to do this as a hobby, I’d watch some YouTube and spend time at Rockler. I can offer some advice, but I’m a little removed from the real small scale. If you’re looking to make a living at this, I’ll be happy to spend some time via zoom or chatting over the phone to share some resources and knowledge. We have a dozen people in a 18k ft shop with a couple of CNC’s and other some interesting stuff going on. I’d stress that doing it as a business, you don’t do much actual woodworking, mostly desk work, accounting, project management, drafting, engineering, submittals. A lot of people get into it and don’t get the business side as they don’t move beyond being a great woodworker.
If you are passionate about actually working with wood, I’d encourage you to take your time looking at shops and find one that has clean bathrooms, pleasant people and modern equipment and work hard, keep an open mind and you’ll move up quickly. Pay and benefits are actually pretty solid around here. We always hire people for attitude over experience and find more success training people from scratch than we do fighting bad habits. You can check out a little of our work on Instagram @northlandwoodworks
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