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Originally Posted by Snakebadger View Post
After spending hours at Live Oak Archery with Blake(awesome guy) in Bryan, I shot every bow on the rack. I narrowed the bow for me down to the Mathews V3. But I’m torn between the 31” or the 27”. I’m not sure which one to get. Looking for someone with more experience for advice. I hunt whitetail in Texas, as well as mule deer and Elk in Colorado and New Mexico. I do stand hunts and backpack hunts. I’m leaning towards the 27” Although I know the 31” will be more forgiving. Just seeing what you guys would recommend?
I think the 27 is a good bow if your mainly going to be sitting in a tree or ground blind. The 31 will be a better bow for spot and stalk western hunts. I have 29” draw length and shoot the V3 31”... honestly first Mathews bow I’ve liked in a while. I would go with the 31” especially when you start to stretch out your shooting distances it will balance better
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