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Originally Posted by schmalzy View Post
Love the knife idea. With all those young men sounds like a good labor opportunity. I remember being that age and my dad working the brakes off me one Saturday. Paid me 20 bucks and said that I earned it and that men earned their pay. Stuck with me. I think a lot of boys at that age (or at least me) wanted so badly to “be a man” or grown up.

I think it’s absolutely awesome that you’re all in on this and wanting to celebrate and welcome your son to being a man. Might still be a little young, but a copy of “Wild at Heart” with a meaningful inscription from you could be an heirloom. My uncle gave me a copy of “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius when I graduated high school with a hand written note that it my most prized possession.

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Wild at heart is a great book!!!
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