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Originally Posted by MAP View Post
but,but,but, they kill rats
Right, God sure screwed that one up.
Its like guns, look how many people they kill.
If we got rid of all em look how many lives would be saved every year due to accidental discharges, shooting in a direction you shouldn't, etc..
Even if we couldn't get rid of all em, every gun you did destroy is one that wouldn't kill someone.
I guess anything makes sense depending on where your mind is.
Hell, people think Biden is the better choice over Trump.
Different strokes for different folks and that's fine.
I never said don't kill em.
It's your choice, and your right, just don't act like you're saving the world, or accomplishing anything.
Some enjoy the placebo effect, so by all means.
I mean if it saves even 1 life right.....
Flame away.
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