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Hunt In: Sore Finger!!!

Originally Posted by Randy Madden View Post
Iím about 4.5 hours from Austin but with a little notice I could easily get you set up on hogs with Trad gear.
I have 4 places I can hunt within 30 minutes of my house that are all set up for Trad bow hunting. I havenít seriously hunted hogs in 3-4 years. Just got burnt out. Between killing a handful of hogs a year with my bows, wife and kids with rifles, pulling week long hunts every night with family from out of state I basically just quit hunting them.
My brother comes from Wyoming every year and slaughters them.
If your interested Shoot me a pm and we can get a hunt planned
Might even be able to get Micheal to join us!!!
Randy, that's one heck of an offer. I'm assuming you're talking about Arnette, right? Might have to drag him away from his sawdust and splinters to visit you!
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