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Default Sadness with Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Stepped out back to shoot a few this morning. Went to nock an arrow. Slid my left up into the grip and felt a CRACK!

Last year I bought this Bob Lee to play with while I worked from home during Covid. Shortly after I dry fired it (broken or loose nock) and broke the handle. That was all on me. The guys at Bob Lee did me right and made a new handle pretty quick. Even gave me a deal on the cost so I wouldn't commit suicide. Yeah, i was pretty sick about it.

I've no idea why she broke. I've babied her. Arrows are above min gpp. BH is kept about 1/8" from recommended. I've never dropped her. Never left her in the heat. Admittedly, I don't sing to her as often as I should and I've let her hear harsh words. But that's it!

I'll go see the Bob Lee gents next week and hopefully get a new handle soon.

I'm gonna need a beater to play with all summer. Off to the classifieds!
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