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Default Primal Tech upgrade

Well I really liked the recurve Randy built me. Shot it fairly well but the palm swell and heel ofbthe grip were a bit large for my short fat hand. So while I had it back to him to fit the new longbow limbs he built for me I had him adjust that as well. He did a great job. I shot a couple of groups one target in his yard and dang it was sweet.
The limbs came out perfect. Scarey quiet and smooth as silk. The string is from Daniel at Hunters Choice Bowstrings and is in colors he knew I'd like.
I cant say enough positive about the quality, craftsmanship and shoot ability of Randy's bows.
I've been shooting poorly the last few weeks but I got that bow back in my hand and was stacking arrows.
Thanx again Randy. I enjoyed the visit and can't wait to bloody it up.Name:  Screenshot_20210424-111906_Gallery.jpg
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