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Originally Posted by gunfighterx1 View Post
We have been hunting outside leakey since 2012 and have had a lot of different game come through our small tract of property. Axis were really good in the area from 2012-216 and really havent had them show up much since then. Plenty of pigs to go around for everyone and turkeys are hit and miss depending where they set up roosts at. Have had black buck lingering around daily with having some holes in hog panel fence where they can come through. Some possible stag/elk bulls on property and some decent whitetail that have been growing.

Curious to see who is around the areas of leakey, rocksprings, mountain home, campwood, concan, vanderpool, medina, and what changes you have seen in terms of head count of game and what has moved in or out in the past 10 years. There have been sightings of black bear and mountain lions non stop this year curious to see if they are ranging out and becoming more popular on rural properties.
Can u give me some idea of were outside of leakey?..

North, east, south, west?....

Curious because im currently hunting west of leakey and have been north of it a few seasons ago as well....we haven't seen much activity either....been dismal
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