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Originally Posted by Bayouboy View Post
So many people have tunnel vision on this Brady thing. He has been doing on the job training with S.E. to become more than likely the future O C at LSU. The guy has never been an O C. He was basically a lower level assistant with the Saints. If any of you LSU fans can remember S.E. did not even want the O C job. CEO had to talk him into it. He was perfectly happy coaching tight ends. No way Brady was going to get the full responsibility of being a full time O C at LSU when he has not proven he could handle it. I am sure it has been said if not written that he will get the O C job once CEO and S, E. feel he has earned his wings. That may happen sooner rather than later. And, when it does I bet S. E. stays on staff in some capacity.
This is the reports I have been hearing as well. Ensminger did not want the roll and did it as more of a favor to O. I figured Brady would wind up the official OC before long. Probably this spring or even sooner should a deal get struck before that.
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