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Originally Posted by Texas Stalker View Post
Where about? I hunt around Talihina in Qhachita Mountains. I was staying in the state park a couple weeks ago and heard a rifle shot just east of the park in the hills at 2am. I asked the park official the next morning if he heard it. He said yeah itís nothing new. Said thatís how some of the locals always kill big bucks. Like itís normal. [emoji2373]

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I hunt east of Idabel and its ridiculous...a lot of gunshots during all seasons and road hunting the pine stands is the "normal" way to hunt. The locals dont even bother to call the Game Warden. I have a pic of an article where this guy gun hunts the railroad tracks that divide our lease from another company called Herron Family Tree Farm. Herron doesnt regulate the hunting of their property, so the locals treat it as public land. Our lease manager has a saw mill and can watch this guy drive up to the railroad tracks in his Polaris and shoot deer. The altercation between our Lease Manager and the guy made the paper. Nothing happened...he put an add out in the same paper a few weeks later showing off his kill (he posed with a muzzle loader but shot it with a rifle). He had already killed several bucks but didnt check them in, and he shot it with a rifle out of season....even most of the local poachers know nothing will happen.

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