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Originally Posted by Foxtrot View Post
Iíve hunted both. KS is draw. We actually should see draw results very soon.
NR landowners in KS can get their tags OTC and not draw. NR tenant is another story.

MO is very straight forward. Go online or to any vendor and purchase your tags/license.

Here is my $.02. If you are looking for this yr, go to MO. Nxt yr, consider more options. KS quality and #s are declining every yr with more and more NRís coming into the state. I believe this to be due to the fact that every hunting show hunts in KS.

If I were considering an out of state hunt for 2020, I would be thinking about Illinois, Western Kentucky, Northern Missouri or Montana.

You can actually find leases for cheaper that a lease costs here. Just gotta do your homework. KS isnt a terrible option either but the hunting is HARD and there arent 150Ēs behind every tree.
More and more NR coming? I donít believe the NR quota has gone up the last 3-4 years.
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