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Default NASP State Tournament

Tournament was an incredible experience.
The whole district got behind our 20 member team, with the central office, hs cheerleaders, and hs band lining up to play the kids onto the bus!! All the classes made signs and were in the foyer cheering for them!
I had to compose myself for a second before following them out...allergies got real bad and my eyes were really watery.

The kids had no idea that was coming.

They all shot their personal best which was and will always be the main goal. Make each shot the best you can do.
We had one fifth grade boy finish number 12 in the state. 2 places out of an invite to the national tournament.

Coolest thing was to see the number of parents, friends and family there. Easily twice as many family than archers. Brothers and sisters missed school and cake with their parents. It was a touching day.

This is why I love archery.
This is why I do what I do.
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