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This past summer the Oklahoma Forestry Service wrote a forest stewardship plan for our place which included, among other activities, opening of the canopy and conducting controlled burns to clear what appears to be at least 30 years of leaf litter and debris from the ground to promote browse and cover for our deer as well as other species.

Recently the crew arrived, dozers in tow, to cut in the fire breaks, necessary to perform the burn safely.

Some areas on the North side were so thick that if fire got going, without those breaks it would be incredibly difficult to control.

This past week the burn crew arrived to conduct the burn.

Got up to the place this past weekend to walk the fire breaks and see how effective the burn was. I was very impressed with the quality of both. We are back to a clean slate and we’ve got plenty of time for the new vegetation to grow for fawning cover!

The fine folks at the Oklahoma Forestry Service did a great job. They’ve put us in a position to now perform a prescribed burn on rotation so that each unit gets burned every three years.

Looking forward to finishing the thinning on the ridge and starting to hinge cut the first sanctuary this summer. The fun continues!
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