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The boy and I finally made it back up to the Hilltop to do some hunting this past weekend. This was our first sit of the year on our place. Been hunting on the Nashoba lease and getting on good deer so far this year!

We hadn’t been up since we put in the Turkey foot plot that last week of September. I was very concerned that I had waited too long to get the plot in for it to get established ahead of heavy grazing pressure. It turns out that my fears were unfounded as the plot is looking great, especially for the first year. It is getting utilized but is holding up well.

The exclusion cage shows the grazing pressure. It may not seem like much but you can see a stark difference as they are already keeping it trimmed.

Overall, I am really pleased and believe that this will be a late season honey hole as the acorns and preferred browse otherwise completely dry up. The surrounding 30 acres is all old field with lots of tall grass to help the big boys feel nice and secure. We’ve got two in the freezer thus far this year so the last one has to be a good’en. This will require much trigger discipline from the boy. [emoji6] So far his new hobby is napping in the blind.

The excitement of sitting two new spots for the first time was dampened by 20+mph winds gusting to 38 (I think the Oklahoma Mesonet missed a couple of gusts that had to be close to 50!) Suffice it to say conditions were not optimal on the Hilltop but this time of year one has to be out hunting because anything could show up!

Movement was super slow with only one doe making an appearance. Despite this the trip was a success as the boy and I got to spend time in the woods hunting our own ground and enjoying spending time doing things like cooking (he’s in charge of breakfast, I’m on duty for dinner with everything else being every man for himself), playing cards, and enjoying the culturing that comes from “classic” cinema (Tombstone, Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, Dances With Wolves, etc.).

Walking back to the house on Saturday talking with your son about where to sit next is priceless time. God is good.

The bows go on the rack for a while now as we extend our effective range a bit with the rifles. We will be back at it for Thanksgiving.
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