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Spent several days this past week on the Hilltop continuing my work on thinning the ridge. Brought my best friend along to help. As a two man crew working for several hours in the evenings over three days we put a heck of a dent in it! I ran the chainsaw while Jon used the hatchet to hack and squirt a deadly cocktail of Tryclopyr, Imazapyr, and water. The method was simple: fell the smaller and medium diameter hickory and oaks. Treat the stumps so there isnít any resprouting/regrowth. For the larger oak and hickories we girdled and applied the liquid death. The winged elm are a preferred species for whitetail so we left the smaller (those at browse height) saplings and felled the medium sized trees but did not treat them. We donít want to kill those as the regrowth is highly nutritious and preferred by the deer.

I spent some time visiting with Dr. Dwayne Elmore from OSU at the fire school. He is the one that suggested the chainsaw and hatchet two man team. It turned out to be a great suggestion!

With these two items you can do some good work!

I know itís hard to put context to the pic but about half of the trees in the pic have been girdled and all the smaller trees have been cut and pushed into a pile for burning.

On Saturday morning I met with a state forester out of Wilburton who walked part of the property with me and confirmed that we donít have sufficient timber value to warrant any different path. That was the final green light to ďOperation Girdle DownĒ!

Our visit was interesting because the foresterís assessment and suggestions to maximize our property to achieve my management goals were in line with and almost word for word with what the QDMA inspectors, Tim and Jay recommended. I like confirmation!

Saturday evening we lit the burn piles from a few weeks ago. There were ready to go and burned down great.

My partner cooling off:

A few of the bucks on camera.

Yogi continues to check our feeder at Mollyís set. So far heís not tried to adjust the thrower but I figure thatís not too far off.
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