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Default Darton & Stan R Were Right!!!!! Pic Heavy

We spent a few days down in Push county this week, getting stands set and doing some fishing. The big boys are strictly catch and release!

Hung some nice ones late in the week.

Mr. Hunt is learning to clean the catch.

The blackberries are starting to really pop as well.

Just have to navigate the thorns, snakes, and chiggers!

Ended our time at the lease in Push county with an evening trail ride.

Molly and I broke off from the rest of the family yesterday and headed back to the Hilltop at Quinton to prep for prescribed fire school in Ames on Saturday.

We needed to do some maintenance on the solar charger for one of the feeders. We just started up the feeders earlier in the week but I decided to pull the game camera cards to see who found them already.

Found that we have an uninvited guest at Molly痴 set.

If this little guy hangs around then it痴 likely that Daddy will also invite himself. If that happens we will have to start hanging the feeders on cables between trees, well out of reach. My experience from Push county is that they will do nothing but wreck feeders. Hoping that the bears push on out of the area but I don稚 expect it.

Our first twin fawns of the season showed up on camera. Been seeing them one at a time but this is the first appearance together with Mom.

Won稚 be long before their spots are gone.

Got some time on the tractor Friday evening to push up some of the felled trees and old logs that litter the area I知 thinning. It痴 refreshing to see some progress.

Molly at field day today during the Oklahoma Prescribed Burn Association training. We got to visit with and get advice from two professors that teach fire ecology at OSU. That was an eye opening conversation!

Had a manufacturer痴 rep on hand to demonstrate the effectiveness of drones in prescribed burns.

They manufacture the delivery and control system for the dragon eggs (pic and video below), retrofit the thermal imaging camera, and support the App. This drone mounted system takes potassium permanganate powder in a plastic sphere smaller than a ping pong ball and injects it with glycol before dropping to start or augment the traditional prescribed burn. The drone being demo壇 was a Matrice 600 Pro.

Here is a quick clip of the ignition from chemical reaction.

The 25 guys at the class were jazzed about this tool until they heard the $40K price tag. [emoji15] We will stick with diesel and a lighter on the Hilltop for the time being.

Fire is a useful tool in our habitat management arsenal. Learning to use it safely and for maximum effect are the goals!
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