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In my work to remove loads of junk over the last several months I found a small stainless steel sink and faucet that was a dirt dobber colony and looked like it had been abused.

At our lease in Push County we’ve been making due with a make shift cleaning station on uneven ground with little light, little water, and zero place to put knives, shears, drinks, etc. so I made a resolution when we bought the place that our setup at the Hilltop would be much different!

I took left over cedar from a porch addition and fence project and framed it up.

I used left over cedar fencing for the top. This is not a cleaning station but rather a convenient surface for knives, shears, drinks, etc. while we are processing deer.

A few new rubber O-rings, replacement handles, a faucet aerator later and she runs good as new.

I will eventually run hot and cold PEX underground to the shed but for this year I capped the hot water side and installed an adaptor for the water hose.

Cut legs from some leftover square tubing from another project.

I will secure the back to the barn wall and have these two legs support the front. If all goes as intended it will get installed this weekend.
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