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Default Team Chicken Wang Plus....etc etc etc...

We also need to decide on a T-shirt color and design TODAY per Meghan.

Meghan has given us two designs. I'm leaning towards the Masters of the Grill shirt to cover Team Chicken, Team Fajita and even Team Kid Food's grilled cheese LOL.. I have asked her to look into referencing Bownanza 2018 on the shirt somewhere as well but the design choice is still up for a vote. Hell I even like the chicken one too but was thinking about what Erin said with two Trumps shirts in a row.

As far as colors. We've had everything from Black, lime green/ chartreuse and 3 Heather grays. I'm all for a neutral desert tan, khaki or taupe color that's more in line with a camo color. Maybe even an olive drab or black The other teams have had them in the tans and I always thought they looked slick. But that's one mans opinion.


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