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Originally Posted by lordvader View Post
After many tries, we finally got picked for Chaparral last year. Boy was that a disappointing hunt. The place felt like you were in a game preserve with all its rules and regs on the game animals. You can shoot this but we prefer you don't. That place is highly overrated in my opinion. I hunted a lot of drawn hunts through the years. And there are much better places.
i agree. my daughter drew chap 3 years ago and they put us in a small, maybe 250 acre pasture which didn't bother me. first hunt the cows poured out, ate all the corn and we saw nothing. same thing the next morning. went to one of the wardens to ask if they could move us due to the cows. he said sorry all blinds are full. The accepted as many standbys as they had extra blinds for, i think it was like 20+ standbys. I get accepting a few standbys but it would stand to reason that you leave some slack in there for those who have waited, some many years, to draw and may not be in the best place.
it was a mad house.
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