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Originally Posted by hunter1on1 View Post
I just would like to see how many people were intsted in the new react one single pin bow sight from trophy ridge. I just stop by precision bridge city to order mine for my bow-tech experience. if you will drop a line about what you think about it. note if your bow shoots over 330 feet per second then it may not be for you just putting that out there. would to see how many tbh use single pin sight verses 3or5 pin.
I shot the 3 pin CBE tek hybrid. They are set at 30, 40, 50. Which covers whitetails. With that said you can use the bottom pin as a floater and dial to 100.

With the CBE you can change to a single pin housing in a minute if need be or vise versa.

I thought about moving to the react for my back up bow to save some coin, but think ill go with another cbe teck hybrid with single pin housing.
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