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As a GM Master Tech I see people who follow the change oil light and they are way over due at that point. No matter the make model etc. you may have to top off in between changes. Most who go 10-12k are 1-2qts low typically, or more. The people who change at 4-5K typically do not see the lifter issues or other commonly found problems. The engines I take apart I can tell the difference as soon as I remove the cover. At. 50K unless you're having issues with the belt noise etc. and no cracks keep rolling. Most I replace tend to show wear around 75-100K. At 50K i would have the dealer drop the transmission pan and replace the filter. Same with the differentials change the fluid.

I recommend 4-5K for gas engines

5-7K on diesel and check your oil levels monthly or every 1500 miles or so. Top off with the correct oil for the vehicle.
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