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Having had less than ideal blood trails with some narrow 2-blade, single bevel broadheads recently -- which I feel were plenty sharp -- I now have some wider ones. Went with Iron Wills wide-cut series. Can't wait to see what kind of blood trail they'll produce if I do my part.

Here's some pics of penetration through a blue "wildebarrel" . Arrow is 518 grains, with 225-grain tip, shot from 67-lb recurve from about 17 yards. Tip was shaving sharp out of the box and after shot.

BTW, this is a double-bevel head. I realize that I may be sacrificing the bone-splitting capability of single-bevel blades, but decided the wider cut is more likely to yield a better blood trail, which is necessary, no matter what. Plus, I think I'm fine on penetration power for white tails, either way.

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