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There are a lot of little things I like about traditional archery. One is resharpen and reuse of a good broadhead. I've always done it. Even with a compound whether I was shooting Bear Razorheads or Rage. If I could clean them and reuse them I'd sharpen and go again. I like killing multiple animals with the same arrow and head. The head on the left is one that has done just that(the one on the right is new for comparison) . It's been on two arrows and through at least 8 animals that I recovered and a couple I didn't. So worn the paint is wearing off. Last night it took out another pig. I just touched it up and it's going back on the same arrow that has been washed and is ready to go back in the quiver.
I know some folks look at "traditional" as the simpler side. Really though, the reality is, it is very complicated, detailed and taylor fitted for each individual and their chosen equipment.
But sitting down with a couple of stones on a rainy and cold morning, after a good evening in stand, retouching the edge on that killer head just feels . . . right.

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