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Originally Posted by SharpEnd View Post
One of our storm casualties was a manifold crack in the heater. We had a waterfall coming out of the heater. Have it shut down and drained, our pool man said the same thing, no telling when parts will be available. Hadn't thought about bypassing, may have to look into that.
The manifold seems to be the most affected part in Pentair heaters right now. All 3 Pentair warehouses in the Houston area are out of them. A bypass is the cheapest and quickest solution while everyone waits. Honestly I'm surprised that just the manifolds cracked without affecting the copper lines in the exchanger inside the unit. I just now received the following text from the company that handles all of Pentair's warranty work for us...

"FYI Pentair engineers said that if the manifold is cracked, then the exchanger inside is compromised to some extent. If a customer wants to TRY a manifold, then it it's on them if the exchanger fails afterwards. We are recommending to replace the entire heater."
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