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I didn't get pulled over, but I received a warning nonetheless headed home from New Orleans a few weeks ago and I was rolling down I-10, passing everything with a buddy following pretty close on my tail. I came up on a line of 18 wheelers and just as I got close, a dark sedan whipped over in front of me and crawled past the train of rigs. Now he was going about 82-84, but I had been rolling pretty good clip when he whipped over in front of me and I had to shut it down, so it seemed like he was crawling just as he cleared the rigs, and I had enough space to safely get over in front of the lead truck, he lit em up my wife about had a heart attack and started in on how I was about to get a ticket. I went ahead and changed lanes, and set the cruise at 80...he came over in front of me and slowly pulled ahead. I took the next exit so that my wife could calm down and so he could get on ahead of me. I doubt he had clocked me, but I know he knew I was seriously over the limit. Warning heeded...well, somewhat anyways I set the cruise to 80 the rest of the way
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