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Originally Posted by Drycreek3189 View Post
That will work ! It will be one more thing you have to keep your eye on, but you can do that between big bucks ! Good luck on your season this year.
Thanks!! We are trying to get this erosion control work done so the woods can calm down before the season opens.

We did a little more work today. We had a smaller drainage that had cut almost back to my neighbors fence. I had about 10' of ground left to get between the fence corner post and the ditch. We had to push some dirt into to get the dozer and track hoe back to where we were working yesterday.

This morning I went to town and bought two concrete wash out blocks at the ready mix batch plant. The blocks are 2400 lbs each. We set the blocks in the drainage. I lined the inside with 6 mil poly and we backfilled. I am going to lay down some driveway fabric and finish it off with some 2-3 inch crushed stone to create a spillway. There is a before and after picture. I have about 17' now between the fence and the spillway.

This corner is a great pinch point. I will have a stand in the black walnut that I am standing beside on the last picture.

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