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Question GOF Medicare question

How many of you geezers had your Medicare go up this year? Mine went up $40.00 with the caveat that ďYou will not receive another premium increase before August 1, 2022Ē. Well, thatís nice to know.
Another question. Iím on my wifeís insurance as well. Should I drop my supplemental insurance and stay on wifeís and save that cash or get off wifeís. Donít trust Medicare at all. Sooner or later the illegals are gonna bankrupt that system.
Finally I have limited V A benefits but donít really understand the extent of those benefits. Iíve had people tell me to get a doctor and try to get more benefits. Told them Iím not gonna game the system. We have veterans that need all they can get. All I want from VA is what Iíve earned.
So, if it were yíall how would you go about reducing your healthcare coverage or would you?
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