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Originally Posted by LivinADream View Post
I think outside of NYC, new York is just a bunch of country bumpkins. could be wrong, ive never been. just what ive heard
I can see that, but still Yankees. When went to Tillamook Oregon, it was like being Lufkin or somewhere, in the eastern part of Texas. I was very surprised and enjoyed being there. I would assume that once you get away from the big cities in most states, that people are more sensible, logical, good people. So far, most everyone I have met from the north east, I could only be around for about 15 minutes. Except for one guy I knew from Connecticut, Chad was a great guy.

98% to 99% of the people I have met from the north east, are constantly, trying to tell people down here, how we do everything wrong. Then their accents. Usually after 15 minutes, I am ready to by them a ticket home. Now, I don't know what parts of what states those people are from, so I don't know if any of them were from rural areas.

I think Steve said he grew up in Minnesota, somewhere way north, but not north east. His brother on that show, the guy with the ranch, seems like a pretty good guy. Actually both of his brothers seem like good people. If only I had a brother, who was not married to a crazy, nut job, liberal idiot, and doing his best to follow her craziness. Years ago, I used to love going hunting with my brother. But he moved to Dallas, married a liberal nut job and it's changed him, he will never be who he used to be. He/they do not fit in or get along with the rest of the family. It seems liberalism, is very common in large cities all over the country, even Texas.
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