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Originally Posted by Bisch View Post
I donít have good enough dental insurance to shoot an ASL!!!!!


Seriously, I hate the grips on ASLís. Itís like holding a rounded off 2x4. And the hand shock, well, see my comment above!


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Thatís odd... I have shot a lot of Trad bows, not near as many as you Iím sure, but this JD Berry Northstar I have is one of the quietest, dead in hand bows I feel like Iíve shot. Same with a Northern Mist American I owned. But of course now that Iíve been shooting them for a while I could be a little used to them. Iíd like to pick up a nice R/D bow design and shoot next to each other. I will say one that stands out to me is a 3pc Thunderhorn Hearstopper.

For sure to each their own on grip. I really prefer a straight grip now, for whatever reason for me itís just easier to repeat which I know is odd. They are made with locator grips as well.

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