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Default Green Screen Carpenter Help

I need to cut an access hole through an upstairs bedroom drywall that goes into an attic/crawl space to access the inside AC unit. The access panel will need to be approx 32" wide(so remove one stud) and approx. 30" high. I know a header or strong back will need to be installed at the top of the hole to brace up the removed stud. I need some guidance on accomplishing this task and then dressing up the new access as this will be in a bed room. The end goal is to replace the AC unit. Basically the house was built around the old unit. There is access through the bedroom closet but it is to the wrong end of the AC unit. All of the working end, the electronics, fan motor etc etc is on the end where the new hole needs to be. I am not finding any decent resources on you tube but I'm not sure I'm searching correctly.
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