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Originally Posted by SwineAssassiN View Post
Lol you again. Got booted from the Facebook page for talking crap to me and now your on here trying to stir the pot again. Yeah I recognize you. Told you to come measure him yourself or call the warden since Youíre so worried about it. For some reason you wonít do either of those things but just to shut you up the buck was right on the borderline. But the warden ruled him in my favor because he was a mature deer.

And to anyone that is wondering what all this is about. This guy had been antagonizing me ever since I posted this buck on Facebook. Got himself booted off the sam group page because of his big mouth, and then he felt the need to message me and insult me suggesting Iím trigger happy and trying to hide something. Told him multiple times to call the warden himself or he could come measure him and he wonít do either of those things. Just feels the need to try and give me a hard time over my deer for some reason. The deer is legal dude. I know itís a hard pill to swallow. But it is. Bottom line. Call the warden and leave me alone about it.
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